Series 18 Episode 1 – Newsjack (BBC Radio 4 Extra)

I was lucky enough to break my child-induced writing sabbatical by having a joke included in the first episode of series 18 of BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack.

newsjackThis was my first foray into comedy writing, so it was nice to be broadcast on the BBC with my first attempt. Unfortunately the BBC only keeps episodes of this show available online for a limited time, so the episode is not available via the link above. I will try to track down a version that I can post here.

It is also unfortunate that the BBC don’t publish a written list of contributors to each episode, but this website did (although they spelled my name incorrectly).

The joke was part of the “Number Crunching” section, where topical news stories are explained via a joke including numbers or statistics. My joke was:

3.1 million: The number of Brits who took part in Dry January
3.1 million: The number of alcohol-related A&E admissions on 1st February



About Stuart Barton

Stuart Barton is a teacher of Media Studies, in the West Midlands. Stuart writes both fiction and non-fiction, for print and online. He has been published in print with The Guardian, Irish Daily Star, and The Teacher, on radio with BBC Radio 4 Extra, and online with websites such as
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