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This short piece of copy was written for the website GreatLittlePlace.com, an online “guide to planet earth’s most charming spots.” The website features reviews of the best independent bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, music & comedy venues, museums, shops, markets and green spaces in the UK. The emphasis is on small, unique, unconventional places, which are less well-known, in unusual locations, and away from crowds of tourists.

This copy was for a page on the website for Pigs Ears, a bar & restaurant in Richmond, Greater London. This is one of my personal favourite local bars & restaurants, and if it weren’t for some serious self-control on my part, it could easily have a negative impact on my waistline, and bank balance.

You can see an image of the webpage below (click the image to zoom), or simply follow the link below, to visit the page. The copy is also below to make it easier to read.


GLP Website

Down some unassuming stairs, behind a heavy, solid, uninviting door is Pig’s Ears Beer Cellar; Richmond’s best kept secret. Formerly called ‘Brouge’, although looking much the same and serving similar food & drink, this is the definition of a great little place. The bar area is small and dimly lit, with mismatched dark wood & comfy leather furniture and the low vaulted brick ceilings give a feeling of antiquated intimacy. The real reason to visit Pig’s Ears though is for the beer; the beer menu is roughly twice the size of the food menu and is categorised by type (wheat, porter, lager etc). The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and are usually happy to recommend a beer based on your preferences, describe the beers to you, and suggest beers to compliment food if you are eating. There is also a lower level with dining tables, and the food is different to your usual pub fare, very tasty, and not overly expensive.

You can visit the Pigs Ears website and the Great Little Place website by clicking the links below:




About Stuart Barton

Stuart Barton is a teacher of Media Studies, in the West Midlands. Stuart writes both fiction and non-fiction, for print and online. He has been published in print with The Guardian, Irish Daily Star, and The Teacher, on radio with BBC Radio 4 Extra, and online with websites such as GreatLittlePlace.com.
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